Peaceful ACTions Method

My Peaceful Action Method© supports balanced behaviors.

Dr. Nicole Gurash created the Peaceful ACTions Method© to help children, parents, and adults engage in positive, BALANCED behaviors to problem solve, and take action towards living a life that aligns with their own values. This method was developed from empirically supported research grounded in applied behavior analysis, emotional regulation, and acceptance and commitment therapy following her own doctoral dissertation research. It’s a behavioral skills training model that focuses on learning how to respond to difficult moments, thoughts, feelings, and impulses. Dr. Gurash has adapted this model to be used with all ages and for a variety of individualized needs.
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Rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), the Peaceful ACTions Method© is an approach that behavior analysts can utilize to implement ACT with their own clients.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

  • Looking to improve emotional regulation skills with your child or in yourself while managing stress better? 
  • Are you or your children feeling overwhelmed by difficult thoughts, feelings & situations? 
  • Wanting to meet behavior goals that align with your own personal values?
  • Are you parenting a child with special needs and/or mental illness and it’s taking a toll on you, your family and relationships? 
  • Do you desire living the life YOU want to live? 
  • Hoping to increase emotional and behavioral flexibility in yourself and your children?

Dr. Gurash primarily utilizes a therapeutic approach that includes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is empirically supported by loads of peer reviewed research, and known as a third wave approach to behavior therapy.  In ACT, we don’t encourage one trying to remove, reframe or change difficult thoughts and feelings as often seen in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

Rather, we will work collaboratively together to foster psychological flexibility in the following ways: by promoting acceptance of what is, dropping the struggle, and changing the relationship we have with pain, difficult emotions and life’s challenges. This approach allows for workable ACTion and positive behavior changes that are goal oriented, and behaviorally focused on your personal values. Evidence-based research shows us that this active approach makes for a more fulfilling life vs. trying to control or avoid the negative thoughts and feelings to achieve relief.

Dr. Gurash has seen the immense benefits that ACT enhanced behavior therapy provides for individuals, children, and parents living with anxiety, trauma, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, autism spectrum disorders, & ADHD; mainly due to the focus on acceptance, mindfulness, emotional regulation, improving socially significant behaviors, and fostering flexible thinking skills through the therapeutic relationship.

“Get out of your mind and into your life.”

-Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.

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