Peaceful ACTions Method

Our Peaceful Actions Method© supports:

Balanced Behaviors, Living Life Fully, and with Peaceful Intention.

Dr. Nicole Gurash created the Peaceful ACTions Method© to help children, parents, and adults engage in BALANCED behaviors to problem solve, and take action towards living a life that aligns with their own values. ABC’s approach integrates mindfulness skills, core values, supports healthy relationships and peaceful intentions to help you and your loved ones get unstuck and moving forward to living a life you love.

A mother holding a baby leans down to speak to her young daughter

ABC’s Peaceful ACTions Method© connects you to the strengths you already have and empowers you to engage fully in life with purpose and intention. To learn more about how this can be meaningful in yours or your child’s life, please reach out and schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. 


“Get out of your mind and into your life.”

-Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.

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